Effect of Planting Date on the Performance of High Yield Potential Varieties of Rice in Bangladesh

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Muhammad Al-Amin
Shamima Nasrin
A. K. M. Golam Mabud
Md. Nasir Hossain Sani


The experiment was conducted at the Agronomy Field Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh to investigate the effect of planting dates on the performance of high yield potential varies of rice in Boro season. The experiment consisted of five dates of transplanting viz. 10 and 25 December 2015, 10 and 25 January and 10 February 2016: four high yield potential varieties viz. hybrid rice Sonar Bangla-1, Jagoran, BRRI Dhan-29 and BINA Dhan-6. Results indicated that there was a significant effect of date of transplanting on yield of potential varieties of rice in Boro season. It was observed that plant height, panicle length, grain yield, straw yield, number of tillers per hill-1 gradually increased up to 10 January. After 10 January transplanting yield reduced. The highest grain yield 6.41 t ha-1 was observed in hybrid rice Sonar Bangla-1. The result revealed that Sonar Bangla-1 emerged as the best variety in Boro season regarding grain and straw yields among the varieties studied and it should preferably be transplanted between 25 December to 10 January to obtain appreciable better yield.

Hybrid rice, planting date, growth, yield.

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Al-Amin, M., Nasrin, S., Mabud, A. K. M., & Sani, M. N. (2019). Effect of Planting Date on the Performance of High Yield Potential Varieties of Rice in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 9(4), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajaar/2019/v9i430016
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