Response of Sunflower to the Residual Toxicity of Herbicides Used in Wheat under Strip Tillage System

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M. A. Baki
M. A. K. Azad
M. S. Shamim
M. N. Hossain
S. Paran
M. K. Haque


The residual effect of eight herbicides (Pendimethalin, Pretilachlor, TriasulfuronEthoxysulfuron, Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl, Carfentrazone – ethyl, Carfentrazone – ethyl+ Isoproteuron, 2, 4 –D) used in wheat of Agronomy Field Laboratory during March to June 2014 was evaluated for the sunflower. The eighteen herbicide treatment combinations of the eight herbicides used in wheat. The experiment was conducted in Random Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. The effect of herbicide residues on the sunflower was evaluated in terms of germination, the seedling root and shoot length, leaf chlorophyll content and seeding dry matter. The result showed that the seedling establishment of sunflower was not adversely affected by the herbicides applied to the previous wheat crop.

Sunflower, residual effect, herbicide residue, RCBD.

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Baki, M. A., Azad, M. A. K., Shamim, M. S., Hossain, M. N., Paran, S., & Haque, M. K. (2020). Response of Sunflower to the Residual Toxicity of Herbicides Used in Wheat under Strip Tillage System. Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 12(3), 14-21.
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); 2010.
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