Efficient Management of Farm Resources and Food Consumption Level of Pond Fishers in North-Central Bangladesh

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Md. Abdul Quddus
Khondakar Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Shishir Kumar Sen
Md. Abu Shama


Aims: The study was conducted to assess the efficient management of farm resources of pond fish farmers and level of their household food consumption in order to deal with sustainable development of pond culture system and food security issue.

Study Design: Three unions out of 9 in Melandah upazila of Jamalpur district were selected, as a large number of ponds are available. Sixty fish farmers were randomly selected from the population of 200.  Data were collected using a structured questionnaire during January to March 2017.

Methods: Cobb-Douglas stochastic frontier production function and technical inefficiency effect model were used to assess efficient management of farm resources. Also, multiple regression models in double-log forms were employed to determine the factors influencing households’ per capita food consumption, calorie intake and protein intake.

Results: Gross return and net profit were $8,081 and $2,262 respectively and cost benefit ratio was 1.39. Technical inefficiency estimates show that farmers’ education (0.0009) and training (0.0042) had insignificant but positive sign for fish production. Experience (-0.0083) and culture period (-0.0054) had significant and negative sign and age of farmers has insignificant negative sign indicated that technical efficiency increased with the increase in experience and fish culture period. The mean efficiency was 0.92 in fish farming indicates 8% of fish production could be increased with the existing resources and available technology. Per capita per day food consumption was 1288.36 g, calorie intake 2592.23 k. calorie and protein intake 84.27 gram.

Conclusion: A linkage between Upazila Fisheries Officer, Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, fisheries extension workers and pond fish farmers should be established. Calorie and protein intake of the farm households is higher due to increase of food sufficiency of the country and buying capacity of the farmers but the nutritional wellbeing of them is still low.

Pond fisheries, cost-return, efficient management, frontier analysis, food consumption

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Quddus, M. A., Rahman, K. M. M., Sen, S. K., & Shama, M. A. (2020). Efficient Management of Farm Resources and Food Consumption Level of Pond Fishers in North-Central Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 13(3), 35-46. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajaar/2020/v13i330107
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