Determination of the Development Performances of Pecan Saplings in Aydin ecological Conditions

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Oguz Dolgun
F. Ekmel Tekıntas
Suleyman Bayram
Temur Kurtaslan


In this research, the sapling growth performances of Pecan cultivation in Aydın ecological conditions were investigated. "Burkett" Pecan rootstock and "Mahan14", "Wichita7" and "Choctaw2" pecan cultivars were used. Starting from the date of planting; Sapling stem diameters were measured 5 cm above the graft site. Diameters of rootstocks was measured 5 cm below the graft site,  bud burst dates are determined (min %70 of buds),  shoot diameters were measured at 15-day intervals from the place after the first two buds. Shoot lengths were measured at 15-day intervals. The measurements were carried out for 2 consecutive years. Repeared Measures Anova is used to determine whether there are significant differences in the data. The development difference between cultivars in both regions was investigated. In the analysis, averages of five replicate measurements in two years and 12 different periods. Pecan saplings showed a good development in the ecological conditions of Aydin (37°45′ 0″N - 28°0′0″E). These results show that in the province of Aydın, Pecan cultivation can be done except in very cold and very dry places. However, the study should be supported by future fruit productivity studies. The present research findings will be useful for regions with similar climatic conditions.

Pecan growing, sapling growth, Wichita7, Choctaw2, Mahan14.

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Dolgun, O., Tekıntas, F. E., Bayram, S., & Kurtaslan, T. (2020). Determination of the Development Performances of Pecan Saplings in Aydin ecological Conditions. Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 14(3), 11-19.
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