Effect of Processing Treatments on the Quality of Bread Supplemented with Pigeon Pea Seed Flour

Peter Isah Akubor

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Validation of Rapeseed-mustard Varieties/Line in High Land for Development of Rapeseed/ Mustard-Fallow-T. Aman Pattern of Sylhet in Bangladesh

Rafat- Al-Foysal, Mrityunjoy Biswas

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Effects of Post-harvest Storage and Moist Heat Treatment on Carotenoids and Micronutrients in African Spinach (Amaranthus hybridus)

Felix N. Okpalanma, Philippa C. Ojimelukwe

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Effect of Processing Methods on the Chemical Composition and Functional Properties of Pigeon Pea Seed

P. I. Akubor

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Estimation of Genetic Parameters Controlling Inheritance of Maize Quantitative Traits under Different Plant Densities Using Line × Tester Analysis

A. M. M. Al-Naggar, R. Shabana, M. S. Hassanein, T. A. Elewa, A. S. M. Younis, A. M. A. Metwally

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